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Newborn Baby
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Pregnant Woman
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Mother with her Baby
Happy Family

"One day your world will flash before your eyes.  Make sure it is worth watching”


Oscar Wilde





THE little, timid, trembling feet ! 

Oh, should they strive to step alone. 

With what mishaps might they not meet? 

What fatal dangers yet unknown? 

But mother/father's tender hand it is that guides and helps them day by day. 

And mother/father's love that will remove the stumbling-blocks from out their way. 


The journey is not very long, — across the room, the steps are few; 

And baby knows that mother/father's love is ever watchful, kind and true. 

But there's a longer journey yet which he must take, and thro' the years 

Before him, as he journeys on, there may be clouds, and griefs, and tears — 

To hide the sunshine's golden light, and chase the blue from azure skies. 

And he may long for mother's hand to wipe the sad tears from his eyes. 


But will he learn, when older grown, to reach for that blest Hand, so strong. 

Which leadeth best, and guideth best, however rough the way, or long? 


Then shall his feet press safely on, however dark the way may seem. 

For dark and gloom fast flee away when hope and trust shine  out, and gleam. 


So, mother/father, guard those tiny feet, whose first steps learned beneath your care —  May choose the right, — as you may teach, or — wander into many a snare. 


Mother and Baby:  Lullaby Poems by Mary D. Brine Digitized by Google

"Words can not express the joy of new life."


Hermann Hesse


My personal journey, has taken me around the world (worked over two years in the Far East) and across the United States (New Orleans, Los Angles, New York City, Westport). My professional background is in international development, community building and education. I have twenty plus years of experiences event planning here and abroad, organizing conferences, providing intercultural counseling and consulting, creating communications, teaching. 


Humanist Celebrant, a secular humanist officiant, the secular ministry endorsed in all 50 states by The Humanist Society, an educational arm of The American Humanist Association

InSight certified Life Tribute Professional


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