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Humanist Celebrant, a secular humanist officiant, the secular ministry endorsed in all 50 states by The Humanist Society, an educational arm of The American Humanist Association

InSight certified Life Tribute Professional

Sacred Heart University Fairfield, CT

2022 Sacred Heart University Inter-Professional Palliative Care Committee hosts

Chaplains Reflect on Interfaith Approaches To End of Life Care

March 30, 2022 7:00 PM

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Chautauqua Institution

Chautauqua Institution Week 9 August 22-25, 2022

Special Studies Course

The Humanist Choice: Celebrate Without God  from the catalogue

With over 25% of the population identifying as unaffiliated, more people are choosing secular ceremonies to commemorate universal life milestones.  Many religious holidays have been assimiliated into popular culture and are celebrated as secular events.  The humanist choice to celebrate without God has become mainstream.  Beyond this, what do humanists celebrate? This course defines the humanist choice, describes humanist celebrants and ceremonies and explores humanist celebrations, which faith communities and humanists can endorse together without prejudice.

Fairfield museum and history center

The Lives Well Lived Film and Event Series co-created and co-sponsored by Mark This Day With Love and Shaughnessey Banks Funeral Home

February 19-24, 2021

My History as an Heirloom - Day 3 

Come Listen to My Story - Reimagining the Memorial  Anita Peters

Go to:  21:05

American Humanist Association 2019 Annual Conference University of Miami 

Let's Celebrate Humanism!  Building Community by Assigning Significance within a Secular Life

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