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Humanist Celebrant, a secular humanist officiant, the secular ministry endorsed in all 50 states by The Humanist Society, an educational arm of The American Humanist Association

InSight certified Life Tribute Professional 

My family is a cultural bouillabaisse. I am a first generation American of German descent. My husband was born in Uruguay. My grandfather’s first cousin was a Sanskrit scholar.  My great great-aunt married a secular Muslim doctor and lived in Istanbul under Ataturk. My step-son, an American born in Ecuador married a Turkish woman and lives in Istanbul. Within my immediate and extended family there are Buddhists, Catholics, Jews, Church of England, secular Muslims, Unitarians, agnostics and humanists. I will bring to our conversations a cross-cultural sensitivity and personal understanding of how to navigate between cultures and different traditions.

Personally, I read poetry, listen to all genres of music from opera to tango to the Gypsy Kings, to Mary Blige to Judy Collins to Brahms to Glass; take nature walks; and engage with the world around me to try to make it a better place.  I have represented non-profit, corporate and government agencies at various professional conferences as a participant and presenter.  I have a working knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, French and basic conversational German.   

One day your world will flash before your eyes. Make sure it is worth watching” - Oscar Wilde

I believe that we strengthen ourselves and give meaning to our lives when we take the time to celebrate with joy our transitions and turning points.

By doing so, even when our lives are filled with sorrow and pain, we will have these days to remember. This is why I became a Humanist Celebrant to mark this day with love and significance.  

I will be honored to be your guide and director of your day’s ceremony.  

Are you looking for a ceremony that will resonate with you over time?  If yes, please review this website, and contact me to set up a complimentary introductory interview.   

Your wedding ceremony is when you pledge to each other your commitment and love for one another.


THE little, timid, trembling feet 

Oh, should they strive to step alone.


Grieving is a natural process after the loss of someone close to you whether a parent, spouse, relative, close friend or beloved pet.


Every culture has a different way of honoring the passage from childhood to young adulthood or adolescence.



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