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"One day your world will flash before your eyes. Make sure it is worth watching”


Oscar Wilde



Memorials, Funerals, Remembrances

Grieving is a natural process after the loss of someone close to you whether a parent, spouse, relative, close friend or beloved pet. It is unknown territory and navigating one’s way through all the emotions brought about by this loss is a difficult journey.  There may be new responsibilities to manage which can seem overwhelming - the closing of an estate/home, assuming care of dependents, and so much more...

Why hold a Memorial Service? 

A memorial service provides a time and place to come together with family and friends to remember, grieve, and yes, celebrate the life of someone who is no longer with you.  This is a ceremony for those who must carry-on signifying both a beginning and an end.

The Humanist Memorial Service

A Humanist Memorial commemorates a person's life.  It is a life affirming service without reference to the supernatural or hereafter.  This service is for those who choose to honor the deceased with remembrance, love, and respect and do not wish someone from the clergy to officiate.


The memorial service is personal and communal. There are opportunities for reflection, shared memories, poetry, music, eulogies.

"Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened."


By Dr. Suess

When is the appropriate time to schedule a memorial service?

There is no "right time" to hold a memorial service.  

This will depend  upon the wishes of the deceased, family members and the community.    


Memorials can be planned immediately following traditional days of mourning, before or after a burial, or at a future date as far ahead as one year to be determined by the family. A family may want to remember an anniversary, ensure the attendance of significant persons, arrange a scattering of ashes over a favorite location.

When In-Person is not an option - A Virtual Memorial




Planning the Humanist Memorial Service -  Compassionate Guide

Allow me to be your compassionate guide during this difficult time and assume this responsibility with you. I will meet with members of the family to write the program and ensure the service honors the memory and, when known, wishes of the deceased. This may include the writing of a eulogy, obituary, selection of readings and music, video messages, or a photo montage.  I can also advise and organize special arrangements for the scattering of ashes over sea or land.

Planning A Life Tribute

Today's Funeral Directors are familiar with Celebrants and their leadership in designing life affirming memorial ceremonies. Anita is an InSight certified Funeral Celebrant and has been trained to meet the needs of families during their time of loss. Funeral Directors can rely on Anita's training and experience to be a welcome intermediary between the Funeral Home and family; She will collaborate with the Funeral Director to provide a meaningful life tribute memorial ceremony at graveside or other location. The InSight Institute offers training at the National Funeral Directors Association Conventions.

Scattering of Ashes at Sea or on Land 

The scattering of ashes on land and sea is regulated by local, state and federal laws. There are several reputable private charters who specialize in the scattering of ashes on both coasts.  


Rules governing the scattering of ashes over land depends upon whether the land is private or public.  The FAA governs the scattering of ashes by plane.


Ceremonies can be coordinated with the chartering companies.   

Difficult Conversations- Planning Ahead 

Planning The Party That You Will not Attend - When Joan Rivers died suddenly after a routine medical procedure, everything was in place for her memorial.  She wanted a celebration of her life and her family and friends complied.


A Celebrant can help those close to you understand your wishes and honor them by preparing beforehand an outline of the type of ceremony you would like.  


The most difficult conversation after the birds and the bees is the one about our mortality. As we age, we tend to think about it more and wonder how we will be remembered and how we hope we will be remembered.  An illness or accident can sharpen our awareness of life's uncertainty - think bucket lists - provide a new appreciation of life around us - be a reminder of losses - focus attention - consume our spark.  


Planning can provide a sense of calm, control and reassurance that your wishes will be respected and financial burdens lessoned.  


I, Anita Peters, Humanist Celebrant, will help you plan alone or with family members a ceremony that will honor your wishes and present yourself as you would like those whom you love to remember you after your death.  Memorial Celebrations may include taped oral histories, filmed conversations, remembrances, photo exhibit and music.

Remembrances - A Faithful Companion

The loss of a pet is no less sorrowful than the loss of a dear friend.  


A memorial service will begin the healing process and acknowledge this special relationship and its importance to you and others within your immediate family.  


My personal journey, has taken me around the world (worked over two years in the Far East) and across the United States (New Orleans, Los Angles, New York City, Westport). My professional background is in international development, community building and education. I have twenty plus years of experiences event planning here and abroad, organizing conferences, providing intercultural counseling and consulting, creating communications, teaching. 


Humanist Celebrant, a secular humanist officiant, the secular ministry endorsed in all 50 states by The Humanist Society, an educational arm of The American Humanist Association

InSight certified Life Tribute Professional


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