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How will you Celebrate Thanksgiving 2020?

Are you as ZOOMed out as I am? Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Will it be possible to celebrate with our families in person and still be safe? Although latest CT guidelines allow for indoor private parties up to 25 and outdoor parties of 150 at commercial places and residences, it is recommended that social distancing still be maintained and masks worn when appropriate. That can make for an interesting table configuration. Of course, this year’s guest lists will be shorter and may not include relatives from the 35 states with an enforced 14-day quarantine. Do you want to bring back your college sophomore from UF or University of Miami? Some of us may be uncomfortable with even inviting the usual family and friend crowd, unless they too have been quarantining and self-isolating, especially when so many of us fall into various risk categories, over 50 and or have underlying health issues. Who says Thanksgiving during this very strange year of COVID-19 must be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November when the chill of winter is settling in and the outdoor furniture has already been covered or stored for the winter?

Thanksgiving is about being together with family and friends, cooking turkey, sharing traditional dishes, creating new family traditions and expressing thanks. Celebrate Thanksgiving as soon as you can, recommends Anita Peters, Mark This Day With Love owner. And, preferably outdoors.


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